I have a serious case of cabin fever. Despite some amazing new projects to kick off 2022, I’ve been itching to do something new, outside of work. I’m a firm believer in always being a beginner at something, anything! A skill, a sport, a craft – it’s very humbling and keeps your mind active.
I like Wordle as much as the next person but it really just touches the surface. This week I tried my hand at drawing comics for a graphic novel script I wrote (will be a long-term project!) and drafting a new logo for Scribe Technical (so hard to get away from work!). I never master these attempts, but I’m always learning something new! I highly recommend it – especially when the days are cold and it still gets dark early!
You could even try writing. Write anything! It doesn’t have to be perfect. But taking the time to write a letter, a poem, song lyrics, an opinion piece can be fun – and the practice can help you write better in your career!