My clients in industry, government, and non-profit organizations want to make a difference in our communities and cities. That starts with clear and effective written communication, guided by an expert technical editor and urban planner.

Scribe Technical works with you to edit your documents and to build your in-house writing capacity. I focus on helping you to

  • keep your projects moving forward,
  • help others see the world the way you do,
  • build support for your ideas,
  • enhance your credibility and reputation for excellence, and
  • influence how our cities work, grow, and develop.

A paper airplane follows a dashed looping path with a map marker at the startI value a collaborative process. I review drafts (or help craft the first one), assess and recommend changes, and provide the right type and level of editing that’s needed. Along the way, I make sure my clients understand why I’m making certain edits and offer writing guides and tools to help build in-house capacity. To that end, I also offer training webinars and courses.

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The status quo isn’t working anymore. People expect to understand, and be included in, the civic processes that have an impact on their lives and their communities. I work collaboratively with my clients to help them engage, communicate, and influence change for the better.

When you work with Scribe Technical, what do you get?

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A technical editor who understands communities and cities

I make your documents as clear, persuasive, and effective as they can be. And, because I understand the environment that you’re operating in, I can make your complex projects clear to just about any audience.

You’ll get professional, polished documents that still sound like you – but even better! You can focus on the technical side of things – whether you’re preparing a multi-year plan, a report to council, an EA, a land use study, a transportation master plan, or any other type of document. You’ll be able to present a strong, concise, convincing case that you can share with your readers and get the outcomes you want.

I’m proud that my clients come back to me at Scribe Technical. They appreciate the collaborative experience and the top quality of the documents that I return to them!

See what the fuss is about!

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A civic clarity partner

I do more than just edit your documents – I build individual and team capacity by providing:

  • Advice and information over the course of any project
  • Writing guides for new and seasoned professionals and writing tools for organizations of all kinds
  • Training webinars for groups of all sizes and training courses for small teams

What if:

  • Your documents got approved more quickly, with minimal revisions?
  • You could create client-pleasing reports and studies, faster, and with greater accuracy?
  • Your projects won the buy-in and support you hoped for from decision makers, project partners, and community members?

Scribe Technical can help!

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I’ve seen technically impressive proposals miss the mark, simply because of a lack of attention to providing clear, coherent, and error-free documents.

I work on the documents that community- and city-building professionals prepare every day!

Reports and Studies

  • Official Plans
  • Transportation Master Plans
  • Area and Secondary Plans
  • Engineering Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Long Range and Strategic Plans
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Council Reports
  • Technical Backgrounders

Policies and Guidelines

  • Zoning By-Laws
  • Implementation Guidelines

Public Engagement Materials

  • Discussion Papers
  • Consultation Handouts, Posters, and Brochures
  • Summary Reports


  • RFPs, RFQs, SOIs (templates and pitches)
  • Competition Briefs
  • Standing Offers

Other Documents

  • Corporate Writing: reports, plans, newsletters
  • Operating Manuals: construction, engineering, transit
  • Writing Tools: style guides, templates, and more
  • User-Friendly Instructions, Processes, and Procedures
  • Ghostwriting: non-fiction

Let’s shrink the disconnect between experts, decision-makers, and citizens on influential, complex plans, projects, and programs.

Some of the terrific organizations I work with include:

Industry experts in planning, engineering, architecture, tech, and related fields

They know the subject matter inside out, but don’t have the time or the staff to ensure their reports, plans, studies, proposals and other major documents are understandable, action-oriented, and top quality. I help to complete and deliver the documents that impress clients and have an impact.

Government departments and agencies: federal, provincial, regional, municipal

They have a capable team in place and know what they want, but sometimes also need an objective-but-expert reviewer to break the revision cycle. I deliver the documents that reflect their ability and thinking in the clearest possible light. I help them communicate more effectively with decision makers, partners, and community members so they can focus on achieving their project, program, or policy goals.

Nonprofits with a social purpose

They have a clear mandate, but may not have the resources needed to be heard by the agencies, funders, and communities who can help them achieve it. I work with them to gain the attention of decision makers and partners by helping them write and edit the documents they need – with clarity and credibility, in their voice, for their audience – so they can have a lasting influence.

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All too often, clear and effective communication is an afterthought to a technical project. I help you avoid mistakes that can cost you time, money, and your reputation.

The process

We all get caught up in using the jargon of our profession, making it difficult for others to understand the purpose and value of our work, and the time, money, and energy spent on our projects. Scribe Technical helps you communicate with diverse audiences – whether they are colleagues in your organization, external partners, the wider public, or others.

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Strategic assessment

When you bring Scribe Technical on board, I provide tactical advice to help you develop and present your project to your most important audiences. Depending on the project, we talk about things like:

  • Information development
  • Document planning
  • The most relevant messages
  • Plain language, readability, and accessibility
  • The big-picture conditions that may influence how it’s received.

This provides the foundation for the type of editing I do next.

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Technical editing

Once we’ve established your objectives and priorities, I provide the right type and level of editing that’s needed. This may involve:

  • Consolidating written content from multiple authors
  • Structural editing – moving sections, organizing content, or adding new text to enhance clarity, logic, and flow
  • Stylistic editing – editing for consistent phrasing, voice and tone, and more
  • Copy editing – reviewing spelling, grammar, punctuation and more
  • Proofreading for precision and polish.

I am happy to run with things on my own, but I really like a collaborative process where I can listen for what you need, give you an opportunity to respond at least once to a draft, and both be happy with the process – and the final result.

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In-house capacity-building

While I’m editing, I’m also making notes of things that can build greater in-house capacity in my client’s organization. This includes things like:

  • Providing client-specific advice and tips
  • Building a style sheet to help develop greater in-house writing capacity
  • Recommending complementary visual elements, like tables and infographics.

I also encourage my clients to explore my writing guides and tools, and consider a webinar or course for staff.