About Scribe Technical

Scribe Technical is the only technical communications firm that specializes in editing the documents that community- and city-builders prepare every day. I shine a spotlight on your professional expertise by making sure your reports, plans, proposals, studies, and other documents are understood, so you can focus on what you do best: developing your innovative ideas!

Scribe Technical was recognized as a high-potential practice by the City of Toronto, winning a competitive starter grant in 2020 and a Top 50 finalist in the Scotiabank-sponsored Total Mom Pitch (2020). Since launching in 2019, my client list has grown to include three levels of government, planning and engineering firms across Canada, and non-profit organizations.

There are lots of great reasons to work with Scribe Technical!

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I know communities and cities

I understand what goes into preparing all kinds of documents: the research, analysis, writing, partnerships, and broader influences and requirements. I’ve worked deeply on the big issues and the great ideas, understand the processes that make cities work and those that get in the way, and how to make the strongest case for projects that will have an impact on our cities for generations.

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I know how things get done

I know what city builders are talking about in their reports, plans, and studies – in fact, I’ve written and co-written many of them myself! When you hire Scribe Technical, you’re working with someone who already understands the context, dynamics, and relationships behind the behind-the-scenes work.

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I have unique expertise

I bring a fresh, impartial expertise to your documents – even those you really don’t want to look at anymore. I evaluate your work to assess if you need small tweaks or a major overhaul, given your goals and the environment you’re in. I help you figure out where you’re going and how even the most technical document can be structured, stylized, and copy edited for maximum impact.

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I’m collaborative and listen for what you need

I love working with my clients to help them achieve great things for their communities. I listen for what you need, provide advice, and make the changes to your documents that will bring your goals to life – but in an inclusive, collaborative manner so you can understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, and continually improve your own skills and in-house capacity.

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I can help in a crunch or over a longer term

Scribe Technical is often brought in near the end of a project – and that’s ok! I can turn your document around quickly or work with your team from the start of a long, complex process to make sure your documents are clear, coherent, and accurate from day one. I have a small team of trusted editors who are available to help when needed.

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Complex ideas don’t scare me

In fact, I love a puzzle. I work with all kinds of professionals to make their complex ideas clear. I take care of the writing and editing, so they don’t have to! My career as a planner has made me acutely aware of the value of words to create a positive, sustainable, equitable urban future – and how important it is to communicate with decision makers, project partners, and community members.

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I always aim for excellence

Scribe Technical’s final products are top quality: accurate, precise, and correct. I even coach my clients along the way, so they can bring the best practices we apply into their future projects.

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I’m on a mission!

I think city builders make huge, underappreciated contributions to our collective well-being. From dealing with the big picture questions to the everyday technical work, we’re behind the scenes, applying our technical skills to support the best outcomes. But we’re often talking among ourselves, when we need to be communicating with the people that make the big decisions or experience their impact. With Scribe Technical, I go beyond editing your documents to help you build your own written communication skills.

Scribe Technical is here to help! Contact me.

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I love the big ideas – but also love proving why they matter!

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“In our hour of need, Lisa made herself available to write articles for us. She was a pleasure to work with. She brings an analytical mind and a spirit of collaboration to any project she undertakes. We appreciated the commitment and skill she brought to the task of writing for our urban planning and municipal affairs publication.”

— Irena Kohn, NRU Publishing Ltd.

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Here’s what I often see in reports, plans, proposals and other documents: the wrong numbers become a focus, solutions get watered-down, processes become less inclusive, misinformation starts to lead the conversation, and decisions get made that leave my clients mystified. Even worse, their hard work gets ignored. With Scribe Technical, you’ll see how technical editing helps you advance your great ideas, and ultimately, make your community a better place to live.