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It was a joy to release the first in my series of writing guides for planners last week! Persuasive Writing for Planners is built on my years of experience writing and editing the full suite of documents that planners create on the job. I also brought in my years of practice supporting other planners with creating their documents and teaching the techniques they need to know to be clear, effective, and inclusive.

It was so exciting to connect with those who downloaded the guide. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. And inexpensive! I’ve been hearing lots of good things, and I always welcome more feedback. As a technical writer and editor, I’m typically holed up at home, typing like Kermit, rarely getting a chance to talk shop and share techniques and skills. I really appreciate the chance to step away from my daily work and connect with those of you who continue to advance the planning profession and build our cities!

The second guide in the City Builders Write series is coming soon! Look out for Plain Language for Planners!