House Rules: Content Style Guide: ESSENTIALS


What’s a Content Style Guide? An essential tool that will save you countless hours spent revising your reports, plans, studies, and other documents!

Every organization needs “house rules”. Like a brand style guide that creates a consistent look and feel for an organization, this is a practical tool that deals with all written communication prepared by staff and management. It helps resolve the most common issues that get in the way of delivering clear, correct, effective, and professional-quality documents.

Our House Rules Content Style Guide will help you apply the standards, rules, and best practices for Canadian spelling, grammar, and usage AND:

  • streamline the writing process for both individuals and teams
  • reduce time spent on revisions
  • clarify preferences and expectations of leadership (so managers spend less time editing!)
  • support staff in producing high quality reports the first time and
  • improve everyone’s writing ability over time.

It will help every member of your team showcase your organization’s full capabilities and build its reputation for quality with every email, proposal, plan, report, memo, and study that’s written!

Option 1: ESSENTIALS: The complete House Rules: Content Style Guide

  • Tailor it to include your organization’s vision, mission, name and more, so everyone describes it the same way every time, using approved text.
  • Update the section on the organization’s voice and tone so it conveys the best of your organization.
  • Use the table to record revisions that your team makes as they tailor it for their own needs over time.